Waste Removal Services Hertfordshire For Land Purchases

Waste removal services Hertfordshire and beyond are not just for buildings. Such services can also be utilised for abandoned or newly purchased land. They are also beneficial for those looking to change the usage of land they own or where the land has been misused in any way. However, just as with trauma cleaning Essex based services, it is important to choose the company that you use carefully and ensure that they have all the required permits and experience. There is no end to what could be hidden under or within rubbish that is left on open land.

Waste Removal Services Hertfordshire

Land Clearance London And Beyond Is Best Left To The Professionals

Attempting to clear land yourself or using an inexperienced company puts you and those that might use the land in the future at risk. Depending on what the land was previously used for, there could be dangerous items, chemicals, broken glass, or even asbestos lurking in the rubbish that has accumulated. Vermin and other animals could be nesting or living within the rubbish and may have left waste products that could carry diseases. Where the land has been misused, there is always the possibility that it has been used to dump unwanted items and even animal carcases.  All of these are situations that professional waste removal services Hertfordshire based are trained to deal with.

For Professional Waste Removal Hertfordshire, Look No Further Than Environmental And Building Services Ltd

Waste left on open land can hide a host of dangers; these are best left to the professionals to identify and deal with correctly. At Environmental and Building Services Ltd, we have a waste carrier’s license that allows us to dispose of waste in the correct manner. We have the skills and experience needed to deal with the multitude of situations that can arise from ground clearances. If you have land that requires professional waste removal services Hertfordshire or beyond, then call us on 01277 218241, email us at, or head to our website at and leave us a message using the form on our contact page.

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