UK House Clearance

UK House Clearance Services For Smoked Damaged Properties

UK house clearance services are required for a number of different reasons. If you need home clearance services after a fire, there are various factors to take into account; and there are steps you can take yourself to prevent further damage too. After a fire, the first thing you must do is contact your insurance company. They can provide further information on the replacement of damaged items. If you rent the property, get in touch with the owner so they can assess the damage. It will typically be their responsibility to get in touch with a professional cleaning company.

It is important to choose a home clearance UK firm that has plenty of experience in cleaning smoked damaged properties. They will be able to deodorise your home; help determine what items can and cannot be refurbished; and prevent any further damage. They will also be able to provide an accurate estimate for the cost and timescale involved in thoroughly cleaning the property. Such services can be expensive, but they are a necessity. If you attempt to handle the task yourself or you use a standard cleaning firm, there is always the risk that the damage won’t be dealt with properly. Moreover, lingering smoke may not be fully eradicated, which could pose serious health risks.

There are a number of steps you can take before the house clearance UK firm you have chosen arrives. You should only follow these steps if you have been given permission to safely re-enter your home. If you haven’t, leave it to the experts. If permission has been given, get air moving through the property by installing a fan and opening windows. If there has been substantial water damage, however, you will probably need to run a dehumidifier and keep the windows shut. Dry wet items as quickly as possible; and remove all copper and brass items from the property. Smoke can begin to corrode copper or brass within 24 hours.

You then need to find the best firm for smoke damaged house clearance in UK. They will be able to clear the property safely; remove soot from household textiles; remove smoke odour; clean soot stains; and ensure the house is 100 per cent safe. You won’t be disappointed when you use the services of Environmental and Building Services Ltd. We have an extensive amount of experience in the industry, and also have an impeccable reputation to back it up. For more information about our industrial cleaning services, head to our website:, or give us a call on 01277 218241.