Trauma Scene Cleaning

Trauma Scene Cleaning – What Equipment Is Required?

Trauma scene cleaning is a service that should only be carried out by professionals with an extensive amount of experience. Crime scene cleaners are typically secondary responders. They arrive long after the coroner, paramedics, firefighters and police. Not only do trauma cleaning professionals need to have specific training in this area of cleaning, but they also require a wide range of equipment too. This may include anything from ladders to carpentry and restoration tools, such as paintbrushes, spackles, saws and sledgehammers. They also need a quality camera, as they will need to take before-and-after shots for insurance purposes.

Crime and trauma scene cleaners will also carry a range of traditional cleaning supplies, as well as dedicated trauma cleaning supplies. This includes a chemical treatment tank to store and disinfect matter that vacuum systems have sucked up, truck-mounted steam injection machines, shovels, and razor blades, which are used to cut portions out of carpet. They will also need putty knives, which are used to scrape up brain matter, as well as no-touch cleaning systems for cleaning surfaces that are coated in blood from a safe distance. Additional specialist supplies include enzyme solvent, industrial strength deodorisers, hospital-grade disinfectants such as hydrogen peroxide and bleach, foggers, and ozone machines to remove odours.

Aside from this, biohazard waste containers and personal protective gear are required. This highlights why you need to choose a company for trauma scene cleanup with care. You need a business that does not cut any corners with regards to the equipment they use and the processes they follow. This is exactly what you will get when you choose Environmental and Building Services Ltd. We have many years of experience in the industry and can provide the industrial cleaning services you need. For more information, simply head to: Otherwise, contact us today on 01277 218241 if you have any queries.