Trauma Cleaning London

Trauma Cleaning London – Cleaning The Scene Of A Methamphetamine Lab

Trauma cleaning London wide can involve cleaning many different types of sites. Not only do trauma cleaners need to deal with violent deaths and scenes where there has been a decomposing body, but they face other challenges too. Cleaning the scene of a methamphetamine lab is a prime example. While such scenes may not be as distressing as scenes of violent death, they can be much more dangerous, which is why it’s important to choose specialist industrial cleaners London based with care. Toxic residue from the huge list of poisons used to make street-grade methamphetamine coats and infuses every surface in the property, as well as remaining in the air.

These poisons include, for instance, hydrochloric acid, benzene, ammonia, methanol and acetone. This makes a meth lab one of the most dangerous places any person can walk into, as many of these toxins can be absorbed through the skin. As a consequence, exposure to a methamphetamine lab can result in kidney damage, liver damage, lung damage, blindness, birth defects and reproductive disorders, to name but a few. Unless experienced trauma cleaners London based clean the scene properly, it will remain toxic. This can cause the potential for those living in the house afterwards to develop illnesses many years after the lab has been removed.

This type of trauma clean up London involves safe disposal of anything porous and any items that cannot be submerged in detoxification chemicals a number of times. The cleaners you hire will remove everything that is not part of the structure of the building. This cab include all electronics, carpeting, light fixtures, cabinetry and furniture. In the very worst cases, they may need to remove aspects of the structure as well. Drywall and flooring might require safe disposal, for instance. No risks can be taken when it comes to this type of trauma clean up.

This highlights the sheer importance of choosing a leading company when it comes to any type of trauma scene cleaning London wide. If one minor corner is cut, the consequences can be severe, resulting in serious health issues over the longer term. This is why you need to hire a company you can trust, such as Environmental and Building Services Ltd. We have been providing industrial cleaning services since 2002, and we have an outstanding reputation in the industry. All of our team has undergone extensive training, and we have the correct licences and insurance in place. To find out more, head to