Trauma Cleaners

Trauma Cleaners – What Is Entailed In A Trauma Clean Up After A Violent Death?

Trauma cleaners witness unique horrors with every clean up scene they attend; yet these professionals are able to deal with the task at hand without letting the tragedy impact on them personally. Every trauma clean up is different, yet it needs to be treated with the same level of thoroughness. For example, if someone shoots him- or herself in the head, there will be a lot of blood. On the other hand, if someone has been shot in the chest, there will often be very little blood, as the lungs suck it in. Irrespective of this, both scenes need to be treated as if the blood was carrying pathogens like hantavirus, E.coli, herpes, hepatitis and/ or HIV.

The critical factor with aftermath trauma clean up is that the scene needs to be 100 per cent clean; it cannot merely appear clean. Not only do trauma cleaning professionals need to ensure blood-borne pathogens are dealt with so that infections do not arise as a consequence, but bodily fluids can remain in walls, baseboards, carpets and floors. Each tiny droplet can contain bacteria, germs and possibly infectious diseases, which can lead to fungus and mould that could result in sickness months or years later. As every trauma scene is different, restoring the area can take anything between one hour and over 40 hours.

It all depends on the amount of biohazardous material at site and the degree of trauma. The task at hand can be extensive, especially in the case of a violent death. Such a trauma cleanup will involve the ripping out and discarding of any blood-soaked upholstery and carpets; collecting any bone fragments embedded in drywall; and scraping brain matter off walls. Cleaners will also use hospital-grade disinfectant to scrub and wipe every drop of blood away off all surfaces. They may even need to collect small body parts. In most cases, the coroner will handle this, but if the death has been particularly violent, there could be parts left behind.

When it comes to a trauma clean up, no corners can be cut when choosing a firm to clean the area. At Environmental and Building Services Ltd, we have been providing industrial cleaning services since 2002. All of our staff members are vaccinated appropriately for this type of work and they have been trained to the appropriate levels. We can also dispose of hazardous waste legally and correctly, as we hold a waste carriers licence. For more information, head to our website: Alternatively, you can reach us on 01277 218241.