Crime Scene Cleaning London

Crime Scene Cleaning London – Disposing Of The Evidence

Crime scene cleaning London wide is a specialist task that should not be entrusted to a standard cleaning service. Instead, it requires the services of an experienced company that has the specialist equipment needed to clean up various crime scenes, from methamphetamine labs to scenes of violent death. Not only is specialist care required during the cleaning process itself, but also in regards to disposing of the evidence. This is a much more complex task than it may initially seem. You cannot put bio hazardous or hazardous waste into a regular bin.

A London crime scene cleaner will need to hold the correct waste carriers licence in order to transport such waste. To dispose of the waste, a medical-waste incinerator is required. This is to burn blood-infected products and such like. With regards to waste of a chemical nature, which is poisonous, industrial cleaners London wide will only be able to dump it in special areas that the public does not have access to. As a consequence, transporting and disposing of waste can often be one of the biggest expenses for such companies, but it is not an area where corners can be cut. Dumping such waste irresponsibly could have monumental consequences.

If you require professional industrial cleaning services for a crime scene, Environmental and Building Services Ltd can assist. Not only do we hold the relevant waste carriers licence, we also have more than 15 years of experience. Each member of our team has undergone extensive industry training; accredited safety training; and received the necessary vaccinations required to carry out this type of work. We also hold the necessary products/ public liability insurance. So if you require professional, effective crime scene clean up London services, simply head to our website at for more information, or give us a call today on 01277 218241.