Crime And Death Scene Cleaning

Crime And Death Scene Cleaning – What Is Fogging?

Crime and death scene cleaning services involve a wide range of specialist equipment and techniques. One type of equipment and approach that companies providing cleaning services after death must use is fogging. Fogging is a specialist disinfection process which manages the risk of infection and ensures the area is returned to a clean and safe environment after an incident. Traditional cleaning methods alone would not be able to lower infection risk in areas that have been exposed to bodily fluids, including blood. However, fogging is able to do this effectively and safely.

So what exactly is fogging? Fogging creates micro-droplets of biocides and disinfectant that float in the air for approximately 10 minutes after application. The dispersion of these droplets into the air enables the solution to reach areas that it otherwise would not be able to if conventional cleaning methods were used. There have been many studies that have shown that fogging reduces the number of viable infectious pathogens by a considerable degree. These pathogens are killed by treating both the surface and the air, which is why fogging is a vital part of cleaning out a house or cleaning out apartment after death.

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