Land Clearance & Site Clearance

Land Clearance & Site Clearance

EBS BioClean with our trained workers offer land clearance and site clearance services in Greater London and the Home Counties.

One of the problems with empty city centre buildings and land are that they are often targeted by vandals, squatters, homeless people and drug users, with their actions often leaving the place dirty and unsafe for future visitors, tenants and new contractors. Cleaning and making sure these places are not overrun with bushes and pests is important.

At EBS BioClean we will be happy to come and clean your land or site from nearly all forms of hazardous material, weeds and bushes. Such properties if left as is, could in no time be overrun with shrubs and bushes such as Buddleia, which apart from being unkempt, can also result in structural damage from aggressive root systems.

If you have land or property that needs cleaning, contact us at EBS BioClean and we will be glad to come and clean it for you. Our extreme cleaning team will cut and clear all overgrown plants and remove the hazardous material from the site.  The services we provide for land and site clearance include:

The services we provide for land and site clearance include:

  • Overgrown car parks, gardens and waste land cleared
  • Hypodermic needles collected and disposed of safely
  • Animal carcasses collected and disposed of
  • Human and animal excrement removed and area cleaned and disinfected
  • Body fluids (blood, vomit and urine) cleaned up and area disinfected
  • Bird fouling cleared and area disinfected
  • Fly tipped rubbish removed

If you need a professional Land & Site Clearance service, call EBS BioClean now on 01277 218241 for a free site survey.

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Our team of specialists are highly trained to provide an accurate cost for intensive cleaning services in London and the South East. If you require professional cleaning services for your residential or industrial property, contact us today!

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