After Death Cleaning Services

After Death Cleaning Services Involving A Decomposing Body

After death cleaning services include cleaning up the scene of a decomposing body. This is a body that has been deceased for quite some time, be it days, weeks or months. While the scene will not be as extensive as it would be if a violent death had taken place, a decomposing body can be just as challenging and arguably more gruesome. When decomposition takes place, the body swells, the skin liquefies, the organs digest themselves and insects begin to multiply. Not only do professional cleaners have the sight to contend with, but the smell as well.

The distressing smell often occurs as a consequence of ammonia gas being released from the body during decomposition. When you invest in a biohazard clean up after death, the coroner will remove the body before the industrial cleaning services take place. However, there will be odours and liquefied body matter left behind, as well as maggots that carry the person’s blood. If not cleaned properly, diseases can easily be carried and transmitted. Maggots especially are a danger in terms of carrying viruses. Cleaners will need to track them down, which can be a challenge, as they leave the body and hide. Maggots must be disposed of safely by being burnt.

There are many companies that clean up after a death, but you do need to choose with care to ensure that a thorough service is provided. This is not a task that should be left to a standard cleaning firm. Instead, you need the services of Environmental and Building Services Ltd. We have an outstanding reputation in the industry for our cleaning services after death. Not only does our team have specialist training, but also we are compassionate and understand how difficult such a situation can be. For more information, head to our website: